Experience a side of Goa never seen before...

The Goa Plan 

Authentic Local & Immersive  Sustainable

People &  Community

Our stays, explorations & experiences will be an immersive encounter of life of the villages, towns & the people who reside in Goa 


Authentic stories of the people of the past in Goa  and their continued relevance today. 


Places, artifacts &  activities that authentically represent the stories and people of of the land of Goa 

Arts , Crafts & Music

Engagement with local art & giving the exposure to local materials and artisans who best represent that tradition. 

Cuisine  & Spirits

An amalgamation of the  heritage & influences bought about by time.-ffood, & spirits especially the local brews play an important part in the discovery of Goa

Nature & Sustainability

Immersive travel reduces the carbon footprint & also leads to sustainable travel - while discovering sides of Goa you never knew existed 

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