The Goa Plan was conceptualised as a travel business that promotes immersive and experiential travel In Goa. We bring about the true ethos of Goa, which has been never been factually communicated beyond its coastal & Party belt  

We see ourselves as curators of intimate experiences that arise from connecting with the local community, their culture & heritage, thus giving you a glimpse of Goa never seen before – the real Goa.

The experiential character of our services engages closely with locals and their cultures while paying a silent homage to nature and sustainability.

People & the Community

Our Explorations & experiences are curated keeping in mind the local character, its vibrant landscapes, people who live here & their way of life, the ethos of Goas people, its villages & towns, culture & heritage.

In short, our stays, explorations & experiences will be an immersive encounter of life of the villages, towns & the people who reside in Goa

Locals are associated capacities across all our operations as employees, hosts, vendors, artists, etc., thus leading to your personal connection with the Goan people & community. We harness their intimate knowledge of the region their understanding of their culture & heritage and their deeply symbiotic relationship with nature.

 We attempt to foster a lasting relationship between the locals and the guests that are rooted in mutual respect, revenue growth & promoting a harmonious relationship with nature- which makes actual business sense for a place like Goa.

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Activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and their continued relevance today. Goa has a vibrant Cultural heritage sadly a lot of it is undiscovered or communicated beyond the Goan-Portuguese Culture.

Goa has been settled since the Paleolithic times and a part of the Neolithic culture remains in the form of tribal people & their culture in Goa. The Gaudas , Kunbis , Velip & the shepherding tribe Dangars are the descendants of these original settlers and stay in remote rural villages in the dense forests even now .

In the Iron age, an oligarchic Gaunkari (village community) system started which exists even now and plays an important part in Goan Culture including village and traditional celebrations like Shigmo – a harvest festival in March –April which is an important part of Goan culture

The later migration brought the Saraswats and other settlers from West & South India have left an indelible mark on Goan culture.

Later the foreign conquerors the Moors from the offshoots of the Persian & Ottoman empire and the Portuguese came to Goa, with the Portuguese leaving a lasting legacy which is a melange of Indian, Goan, and western traditions. It interesting to note that the later Catholics adapted original traditions dating to the Gaunkari time into their traditions like Konsachem fest( Corn Festival ), Pattoleanchem Fest( the feast of Patoleo ( steamed dessert with Mashed rice, coconut, and jaggery made during the Hindu festival of Nagpanchmi and Feast of Assumption at Succoro).

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With our heritage stays, exploration & experiences we put before you the places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past of the land of Goa. We intend to harness people’s fascination with the old and create a sense of connection to the past with stories & thoughtful interventions that pay homage to history and heritage 

Form the prehistoric Palaeolithic and Mesolithic engravings to the Neolithic tribal culture whose descendants still exist in Goa are a part of this historical discovery

Goan history from the medieval times when the Chalukyas, Kadambas & later the Bahamani sultanate, Vijaynagar empire & the Adilshahi Sultanate ruled over Goa has left their mark with various monuments & artifacts which can be seen at all over goa. Goa has a unique collection of Hindu temples, Jain temples and settlements, Mosques & Dargahs from that period. This along with artifacts like Sati stones, sundials, temple ruins, etc.  are waiting to be discovered

Indo-Portuguese heritage has become a major identity of the erstwhile colonial Goa, Daman & Diu, with its unique architecture from the Churches, Monuments, and Houses. One of the lasting remnants of Portuguese rule is Old Goa formerly called Velha Goa and referred to as the “Rome of the east”. The administrative HQ of Portuguese India Velha Goa in its glory was a city of 200000 people reaching its pinnacle in the mid-16th century and then speedily declined losing its importance due to plagues.

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Cuisine & Spirits

The character and ethos of every place are finely communicated through its cuisine. The cuisine is an amalgamation of the culinary heritage & influences bought about by time and history. Along with the food, spirits especially the local brews play an important part in the culinary discovery of Goa

Authenticity is the facet of local culture and hence we have curated experiences taking these local traditions of Goan Hindu and Saraswat cuisine including local ingredients and techniques which are a part of goa’s culinary secrets- something not as well-known as the Goan-Portuguese cuisine

 We have taken pains to showcase the various influences to Goan cuisine especially the Portuguese influence which has left an indelible mark on Goan cuisine creating a Goan-Portuguese fusion known the world over.  

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Arts , Music & Dance

There is a great struggle to keep the artistic traditions of small place like Goa alive We with our experiences & explorations aim that very uphill task by  by providing an opportunity for local artists especially rare and regional art forms – which without exposure can fade into the sunset. This deep engagement with local art is an integral part of our ethos giving the exposure to local materials and artisans who best represent that tradition.

Goa has a rich tradition of Arts & Music many of it intertwined with the religious rituals of the major festivals.

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Nature & Sustainibility

Massive footfalls in a small area cause disruption to the local lifestyle in any tourist destination and this has been observed in the costal Goa time and again. We endeavor to distribute this population over other parts of Goa especially the hinterland blessed with abundant natural heritage thus reducing the strain on the systems like garbage management, pollution, etc. in the coastal areas.

A lot of learning & understanding the significance of ecosystems in this age and time of environmental fragility and climate change – can come from the learnings of our villages and small towns which have been living sustainably with nature by protecting fragile ecosystems, conserving local flora and fauna and taking measures to save water and energy.

We also work with our employees, hosts, vendors etc. to reduce the impact of tourism on the carbon footprint and areas like waste management. In particular, we at The Gao Plan do not distribute food and drink in plastic containers & ask out guests to get non-disposable water bottles for replenishing water.

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The Team

The Goa Plan team is made up of passionate individuals from different careers paths with one objective – to showcase the real Goa .

The sister concern of The Goa Plan is a Marketing & Communications consultancy ( & during our research for our clients, we found that a section of the people were looking for very different things to do in Goa especially related to natural heritage, cultural and historical heritage & of course cuisine & spirits.

Moreover, as Goan’s we have seen the problems caused by peak season tourism focused on our costal belt & thus was born the idea to showcase the real ethos of Goa through intimate connections and immersive experiences.

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Example Title 1

We have been to Goa many a times , but never go to see this other side of Goa. The long Birding tour along with the waterfall treks were what we need for a break from our city life.

Nithya & Ramesh
Nature Enthusiasts
royal enfield trials works replica The Goa Plan

Example Title 2

Had a thrilling experience in the off-road fort circuit tour curated by the Goa Plan. Was an informative experience connecting with Goas past and catching glimpse of the hinterland .

Daljit Singh
Banker & Biking Enthusiast
Testimonial The Goa Plan

Example Title 3

The homestay at Andaluzia took us back a hundred years . Though it wasn't very far from the beach belt the place was so enchanting that we didn't do the usual. The Goan food served by the hosts was delicious and a class apart from the food served in restaurants .

Anu & Robert
Entrepreneurs & Travel Enthusiasts